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This is the aspect of this revelation that is most infuriating. Trump was not just being a "businessman", trying to "do deals" in Russia with Russian businessmen, he was soliciting deals directly from the fucking Kremlin. He was negotiating with Putin's right hand man, and offering Putin personally a $50 million penthouse.

Take out any criminal implications, it is not okay for the Republican Nominee for President of The United States to be doing that. It is totally disqualifying. It is precisely what our founders were trying to prevent when they put things like the Emoluments Clause into our constitution.

And we still don't know why this deal was "canceled" immediately after the Trump Tower meeting. If there is a lynchpin connecting these negotiations to those, Russia has that evidence. Even the ultraconservative National Review thinks that's where things are headed. That is incredibly dangerous. It means Putin can end Trump's presidency almost at will, and would explain the subordinated, beaten dog that appeared next to Putin in Helsinki.